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Elise Kazanjian

Virtual Event on October 12th, 2021–6:00 P.M to 8:00 P.M.

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Elise Kazanjian

ELISE KAZANJIAN  (San Francisco, CA) is a poet and writer whose work has appeared in Fog & Light: San Francisco Through the Eyes of the Poets Who Live Here (2021), New Millennium Writings, Minute Magazine, Marin Poetry Center Anthology (2021); A Kind of Hurricane Press; Ararat Magazine, and others. Among her honors, she is a winner of the San Francisco Poets Eleven citywide contest, and The Chicagoland Poetry Contest. She has worked at Sunset Magazine, as the Foreign Editor of CCTV in Beijing, as the Administrator of August Coppola’s Audio Vision Project at San Francisco State University, and as a pawnbroker. Her essays have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle.  She is a Judge, Prose Poetry category, Soul Making Keats Literary Competition.

For Jack Hirschman 1933 – 2021, SF Poet Laureate 2006

For truth telling
For hope
For courage
For compassion
For caring
For justice
For the oppressed
For making us see all colors
For resistance to war
For the World Poetry Movement
For making us smile-laugh-cry
For a hundred poetry volumes
For countless translations
For beautiful words
For love of libraries
For being a working-class poet
For giving voice to the people
For Hemingway’s tribute to you,
“I can’t help you kid,
You write better than me.”

Thank You

Elise Kazanjian
Sept. 6, 2021


YOU, with your umbilical cord screwed into your ear
hands waving your conversation across the street,
a smile creasing your face, blind eye to traffic, stop signs,
wrapped up in your own very important world
while the rest of us watch out so we don’t run over you.

YOU, with your slender left hand looped around the leash of
the perfectly groomed toy dog, pushing the state-of-the-art pram
your right hand holding your
Owning all the sidewalk space.

YOU, your right shoulder scrunched up cradling your only mode of speech
getting the latest news on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram
there you go, crossing the street, laughing to yourself
while listening to the pathetic stream of voices holding you captive
as they careen through the closets of your mind.

YOU, for once in your entitled life
could you please look around your little universe
and acknowledge that we, the rest of the world
are greater in number than the miniscule, insignificant, pretentious


Elise Kazanjian
Sept. 6, 2021