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Anna Evans

Anna M. Evans gained her MFA from Bennington College and has received Fellowships from the MacDowell Artists’ Colony and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She currently teaches at West Windsor Art Center and Rowan College at Burlington County. Her collection, Under Dark Waters: Surviving the Titanic, is available from Able Muse Press, and her sonnet collection, Sisters & Courtesans, is available from White Violet Press. Her website is

My Life as a Polish Nun During World War II

We ran an orphanage in old Gdansk,
which overflowed in nineteen thirty-nine.
Daily, the Germans rolled by in their tanks.
We kept our heads well down and toed the line.
But any child who came here in the night,
no questions asked, was never turned away—
starving, beaten, sick, half-dead with fright,
Christian or Jew—with orphans, who can say?

We had to teach the Jewish ones the creed,
so the Gestapo wouldn’t know our game.
The irony of sowing that small seed,
was hardly lost on me, though not our aim.
Children are dear to God, gentile or Jew.
We wanted to save them all; we saved a few.

Animals of the Titanic

Astor’s Airedale, Kitty, perished along with her owner
Ben, Captain Smith’s Irish Wolfhound, put ashore in Southampton
Chow Chow, left behind by Harry Anderson, drowned
Dog, a Fox Terrier, last seen swimming
English Foxhounds, 100, booked on alternate passage
Frou Frou, detached from her grip on Helen Bishop’s gown, perished
Gamin de Pycombe, prize-winning French Bulldog, drowned
Hens and roosters, caged, drowned
Isham, Ann Elizabeth, and her Great Dane, bodies recovered together
Jenny, ship’s mouser, drowned
Kittens of Jenny, likewise
Lady, Pomeranian of First Class passenger Margaret Hays, survived
Mice and rats, free-living, drowned
Newfoundland Rigel, survivor and hero, apocryphal
Objections raised to the three dogs on the lifeboats, none
Pomeranian belonging to Elizabeth Rothschild, survived
Quote: “I refuse to get on the lifeboat without my dog.”
Rothschild, Martin, body never recovered
Sun Yat Sen, Pekinese of Henry Sleeper Harper, survived
Terrier and Spaniel of the Philadelphia Carters, perished
Unconscionable, the 56 children left out of the lifeboats
Vacancies on the lifeboats, 40%
Wealthy survivors, 200 plus three dogs
and XYZ, and XYZ, and XYZ