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John Rowe

Virtual Event on March 14th, 2023–6:00 P.M to 8:00 P.M.

Live stream will be available on our YouTube Channel at the time of the event!

John Rowe

JOHN ROWE has poems appearing in numerous small press journals and anthologies. He is the author of several poetry chapbooks, including: At My Wit’s Beginning and Winsome Losesome (Eventuality Press), and Beyond Perspective (Finishing Line Press). For over 25 years John has enjoyed active participation as a featured reader at many venues and festivals as well as volunteer involvement in the organization/ leadership of community poetry events in the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently hosts a monthly (2nd Saturday) open reading on Zoom for the Bay Area Poets Coalition (BAPC). He and his wife, the poet Jan Dederick, reside in El Cerrito, CA with their black cat Benny and two backyard ducks. Website:

All Roads Lead To Where You Are

You find yourself trying
to find your way home
with a key in hand that has not
been cut to turn the lock of
any particular door. Pulling out
a map you’ve carried in your
back pocket, all that shows
when unfolded is a black dot
in its center, marked You are
here, wherever you are.

– John Rowe

Saturday Morning, Curbside

A freshly painted door
with a FREE sign

Not included, includes:
the door frame, the wall,
the space on either side:

To be determined:
Place and times to come
for new turns of the old knob,
then push or pull …

And imagine those
who will approach the door—

maybe just pondering
the present moment
of entering or exiting

or perhaps not so grounded:
thoughts directed toward
an unknown future

In time
the door will shift and creak:
squeaky hinges

as the door is pushed/pulled closed
but the opening happens first

‒ John Rowe