Here we are again, going into the third season of Coastside Poetry. Our first two years were wonderful, and thanks so much to Harpo and Clifford and all of you in the poetry community who helped make it so. For folks who are new to our venue, here’s a little bit about us:

This location, 522 Main Street in Half Moon Bay, has been a gathering place for poets for several years. The previous owner, Max Noyes, hosted a third Saturday event with poets as featured readers and a dedicated poetry open mic. When Harpo Marx created Café Society, poet Ryan Warren came forward and with Harpo’s support, continued that tradition with Coastside Poetry. When Ryan’s work took him to Seattle a year and a half ago, Steve Long and I agreed to take over as co-hosts.

Our collective motive has been to continue that tradition of a dedicated spoken-word poetry series, and to provide a warm, supportive environment where poets can try out new work. We ask that you leave your novel excerpts or plays or short stories or baseball monologues or prose memoir at home. And we are interested in your words, which means we ask you to speak your work, even if it is song lyrics. Music, even when well done, can be a distraction.**

So come join us at 7:00 on Tuesday, October 9, when we will gather to hear San Francisco poets Marvin R. Hiemstra and Clara Hsu. (Café doors open at 6:30.) After the features, we’ll have an open mic—bring us up to five minutes worth of your best poetry and we’ll be glad to hear it. This is a family event: we also welcome students and other young folks who’d like to share their poetry with us.

We hope to see you there!
Diane Moomey and Steve Long

* For folks who’d like to sing their work, Cameron’s Pub presents a Singer-Songwriter Open Mic every Thursday evening. More on their website.
* For those who’d like to present other kinds of writing than poetry, there’s a Writer’s Group that meets upstairs in the OddFellows’ Hall on the third Thursday of every month.