Clifford Hunt

Clifford Hunt

Clifford Hunt is a husband, father, and writer who lives and works in Half Moon Bay, California. Before that, he lived and worked in Bethel Alaska, San Francisco, Seattle, Arcata, San Diego, and Beirut, Lebanon.

Clifford is co-founder, editor, and publisher with Tim Badger of Just Press, small press publishers of poems, essays, and the periodical Violent Milk, and co-curator of the Just Press Forums.

Clifford’s publications include the omplications, Chapter Ø, Outside & Elsewhere, The Weekly, You Amuse Yourself You Amass Yourself (with Tim Badger).


from – Dispatches from the Field
~ October Something

We were all on the side of the road
when the girl walked up half-clothed
and confused. Training tells us
be cautious and we were, all of us.

She asked for food, directions,
and something to cover her.

We’re all looking for something
we just might not know how it looks
or what it’s called.