Casey FitzSimons 2021

Casey FitzSimons

Casey FitzSimons is a frequent reader at San Francisco Bay Area venues. Her poems have appeared in print and online in Massachusetts Review, Red Wheelbarrow, Midwest Quarterly, Newport Review, Mezzo Cammin, and others. She has placed first in poetry at Mendocino Coast Writers Conference and Ina Coolbrith Circle, second at the Soul-making Keats Sonnet Competition and the Maggi H. Meyer Contest sponsored by Bay Area Poets Coalition, and she has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She has published 16 chapbooks, most recently More Than I Can Stand to Know (2018) and Listening for Prophecies (2019). Casey taught art in San Francisco for many years. Her reviews of Bay Area exhibitions frequently appeared in Artweek, and her studio drawing book, Serious Drawing, was published by Prentice Hall. She has a master’s degree in Fine Arts from San José State University.

A dog in the fog,

                                 you have circled

down, lain down in the fatigue

you’ve had as long as you can remember.

You lie curled, instinctively guarding

your body’s warmth and I approach

and wrap myself around you from behind. That way

you can dwell on your innermost thoughts and I

have your back.

True Facts


Even if the sandpiper and its bobbing, three-toed

march on wet sand at low tide survives

the human-caused holocene extinction, it won’t

survive the death of the yellow dwarf star

that is our sun. Hardy as the species

Scolopacidae is, some billions of years from now

before the sun has exhausted its hydrogen, becoming

a red giant, losing its mass to the planetary nebula, compressing

its helium to carbon atoms and then to diamonds, the sandpiper too

will be gone. 

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