Caroline Goodwin

Caroline Goodwin

Caroline Goodwin served as the first Poet Laureate of San Mateo County from 2014-16. A former Stegner Fellow at Stanford, her books are Trapline, Peregrine and The Paper Tree. She lives in Montara with her two daughters and teaches at California College of the Arts and Stanford Continuing Studies.

Buffalo Check

North of the wheat field
and tributary, our daughter

crouches in the ditch
(she has your eyes she

has always had your eyes)
her lovely face wrecked

by your death, the moon
setting at her back. Cool

water through her fingers.
What woven piece might

I offer against this night?
Far away, a firepit and saucepan.

Far away, a circle of drums.
Tell me, which shade of wool

might I tighten? Which thread?


king salmon
            in the struggle

jewel tones

in the curve of each scale
each miniscus and blue iris

          blown up, blown out

bodies crowded
in the reeds
           the shallows

their meat released
soft as feathers

all the way to the rivermouth

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